Hydraulic Presses

We design and manufacture a wide range of presses to meet the requirements and needs of our customers. Machines can be customized to get maximum efficiency to production and process requirements.

Industrial Presses

Presses with vertical configuration equipped with up-stroking and down-stroking. Distinguished by their extraordinary ruggedness and reliability, they are designed to produce pieces of rubber or other thermostable resins. They allow easy access to the moulding area with minimal space occupied.

They are made with single or multi-space daylight and the clamping power is fixed according the process required.

Testing Presses

To perform trials and test all types of polymers with or without vacuum or controlled atmosphere. The drive systems and control of these presses are designed to obtain continuous information of the process on the screen display.

They allow the regulation and control of:

  • Heating-cooling ramps
  • Pressure ramps
  • Vacuum level or atmosphere required
  • Computer control, process files, graphics, etc.